Valerie on the Issues

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A Champion for Women and Families

As a working mother, I know that when families succeed, our business and our state succeeds. I will support equal pay for women and paid family leave to ensure that mothers and parents are able to both provide for their families and maintain their place in the workforce. Finally, I will champion our public schools and advocate for fair and equitable school funding that ensures every child has access to a quality education.

Workforce Training and Job Creation

Connecticut’s unemployment rate has stayed flat at 4.6% and our 2017 job growth outpaced 2016, but we know that our jobs market is challenged. I believe we need to look to emerging industries like biotechnology and renewable energy for growth. But we also need to attract and retain the workforce to support these industries and our state’s economy. That’s why it is vital that we invest in our transportation system and urban infrastructure. We also need to provide training in our schools for the industries of the future through high school and post high school technical training programs.

Keeping Connecticut Healthy

The right to health is a human right. I will support efforts to keep healthcare affordable and accessible, from lowering drug prices to preserving the Affordable Care Act in CT and health insurance for children. I will also work to protect women’s reproductive rights.

The state’s opioid addiction crisis is another critical issue that we must address. I support a multi-faceted approach that includes evidence-based prevention tactics and treatments and training for doctors and other prescribers (e.g. dentists) to more safely prescribe opioids for pain.

Supporting Veterans

When brave men and women sign up to serve their country, the least we can do is serve them when they return to their homes. That is why I will be a proactive legislator to make sure veterans obtain the hard-earned benefits they deserve. Now more than ever, it is so important that we follow through on commitments after everything that members of the military have been through to get to where they are today. Coming back home from sometimes dangerous missions, they should not have to jump through hoops to obtain any of the services they may need.

Ensuring Seniors Retire with Dignity

Everyone deserves the peace of mind to retire with independence and security. When elected, protecting retirement benefits and allowing older citizens to stay in their homes, should that be their choice, will be a real priority. I will also support the growing workforce of in-home care aides, which goes hand-in-hand with these commonsense policies. It comes down to simply taking care of those who take care of our sick and aging loved ones. Quality of care is better when everyone has the support they need. Whether it’s accessing programs and services, living on a fixed income, or navigating health care needs, I will advocate on behalf of the seniors in the 17th District to ensure all of these areas are addressed in an effective and efficient manner.